Newroz Recordings is an independent record label and audio recording studio in Brooklyn, NY. We strive to maintain a collaborative environment that holds true to the creative vision of the artist, while upholding a level of craftsmanship that will stand against the test of time. Our creative powerhouse is home to a team of talented DJs, producers, songwriters, video editors, and musicians—as well as a custom-engineered hybrid analog-digital recording facility. We have distribution through Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Traxsource, and other retailers. For remixes, demo submissions, or licensing inquiries, contact us.

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Nezzy Idy's "Nova"

Alchemical Disco's Remix of Nezzy Idy's "Nova" single on Newroz Recordings reached #41 on the Beatport Indie Dance/Nu Disco Top 100 single charts >>>

Ayesha Adamo's "Midnight Elite"

Ayesha Adamo's debut solo single on Newroz Recordings, "Midnight Elite", has secured the Beatport Top 100 single charts with #18 in Electronica, #29 in Deep House, and #77 in Techno >>>

"Atomic" Hits #20 in Music Week, UK

We're very proud to announce that Alchemical Disco has entered the Music Week Club Charts with their debut single "Atomic," reaching #20 in the highly esteemed UK music industry publication for week 43 >>>

Ayesha Adamo On EDM Soundsystem

Check out Ayesha's exclusive 3 hour set for the WREK FM radio show, "EDM Soundsystem". Ayesha takes you on a melodic tour with tunes both old and new. Dedicated to the memory of Andrea Brennan. Stream it here >>>

AD: The Electro WOW Interview

Alchemical Disco talks with dance blog Electro WOW in an exclusive interview about their new single, "Atomic," their enigmatic beginnings, main musical influences, and where the duo is headed next >>>

"Atomic" Reaches #22 On Beatport

Alchemical Disco's debut 3-track single has broken through the Beatport Top 100 Releases in THREE separate genres! #22 in Electro House, #27 in Indie Dance, and #90 in Tech House >>>

Newroz Studios 2.0!

We've moved into a posh new studio space in Brooklyn! We've already been busy recording a few hot new remixes. Come by for a maté if you're in town! Here's a quick pic of Studio A: >>>

Sexkult in Mango Kiss film scene

Directed by Sascha Rice. Featuring the track "I'm Your Beast" by Sexkult (playing in the background) from the full-length album The Utmost In, available on iTunes. This little number really seemed to get the party started. >>>


"Nova" by Nezzy Idy

Now available now on Newroz Recordings... Check out both the original and the Alchemical Disco remix videos for Bay Area producer/DJ Nezzy Idy's "Nova", available now on Beatport >>>

"Midnight Elite" by Ayesha Adamo

Original music video—written, filmed by, and starring Ayesha Adamo. Also take a look at Ayesha's Deeper, Deeper Dub, and Harder (Techno) mixes... Available now on Beatport >>>

"Firebird" by Alchemical Disco

Rising from the ashes of an imaginary late-night 80’s science fiction film soundtrack, “Firebird” features melodic arpeggios and sweeping synths that build up into an epic crescendo. Available now on Beatport >>>

"Atomic" by Alchemical Disco

Alchemical Disco has released a remake of the classic Blondie track, "Atomic", along with 2 remixes. The debut reached #23 on the Beatport Top 100 Releases for Electro House. Available now on Beatport >>>

Ayesha Adamo Transcend Vol. 3

Reaching #24 in the Beatport Mix charts, "TRANSCEND Volume 3" is a journey from darkness into melodic sunshine. Recorded live at Dark Room, NYC, on June 26, 2013 >>>

Juxtapose DJ Mix by Cecil Grey

Inspired by a DJ appearance for a fashion showcase by Sefirah Fierce Designs, Cecil Grey guides us through a dreamlike excursion through hidden alleyways, dusky speakeasies, and red velvet bordellos >>>

Cecil Grey Remixes Depeche Mode

Listen to Cecil Grey's remix submission for the Depeche Mode track "Peace" from their album Sounds of the Universe. This one has a Middle Eastern flavor & additional sfx via a homemade shortwave radio. >>>

Sexkult: Rope & Blind

The Utmost In the debut full-length solo concept album by NYC DJ & musician, Cecil Grey, telling a story of disillusionment and self-doubt in a world overwhelmed by conflicting visions of the future. Listen here >>>



A candid peak at Alchemical Disco's live rehearsals in Brooklyn, Part I. Includes a new demo track off the upcoming EP >>>


Watch a short clip of Ayesha Adamo testing Alchemical Disco's newest track "Firebird" at Pacha, NYC w/Eris Revolution >>>


Making Atomic: In the Studio with Alchemical Disco. Ayesha discusses what it took to remake the classic Blondie track and her sexy tech house remix. >>>


Congratulations to Paul Williams and Daft Punk for Grammy Album of the Year! Great job, guys! Here's a pic of Paul & I, not long after the official release of Random Access Memories. >>>


Wanna ride on my joystick? In the studio with Ayesha twiddling a DIY CV controller on the modular synth system. >>>


Quite an impressive light show here tonight at Eric Prydz, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC... >>>


Missed connections... (spending the evening rewiring the studio patch bays.) >>>


Installing the last two preamps into the Seventh Circle Audio chassis... Two N72's (Neve), two A12's (API), two J99's (Twin Servo), and two C84's (Millenium) to round out the lot. >>>


Decided to try pulling apart the semi-openback cabinet with the Weber pre Rola Celestion 12" replicas. The rollers have been replaced with rubber feet to help reduce any recoil effects. >>>


Jamming on tablas tonight with Vish & Rachel from SuKhush Project for a live/DJ soundsystem at Lucas Bar in the East Village, Manhattan. >>>


Recording snare overdubs for the new Alchemical Disco single... Snap! >>>


One of our new Drip Electronics Pultec EQP1A Tube EQs. Custom built UK Sowter inductors and transformers, matched vintage Telefunken tubes... Holy moly! >>>


Transformer / TRANSFORMER


VINTAGE TUBE FETISH: Recently arrived... 2x Telefunken smooth plate 12AU7's, 2x Telefunken Fisher branded smooth plate 12AX7's, & 2x Mullard 6X4's. We can't wait to hear these sing... >>>